Who got shot rapper?

The La Rock murder was the first, but certainly not the last, hip-hop murder that police haven't solved. For a musical genre that is no stranger to discussing the realities of struggles in urban slums, hip-hop artists have been victims of violence far too often over the years, and authorities have been largely ineffective in their efforts to find the parties responsible. The rapper, whose real name Javorius Scott, 24, was shot and killed Wednesday in Bogalusa, north of New Orleans, police say. Atlantic Records described the murder of the Philadelphia rapper, whose name was Rakim Allen, as a “senseless loss”.

PnB Rock, a rapper from Philadelphia known for his melodic style and songs like “Fleek” and “Selfish”, was killed Monday afternoon in what police said they believed was a robbery that took place after the artist was tagged on social media at a restaurant in South Los Angeles. The rapper was “brutally attacked” by a person who apparently, or we believe, arrived at the scene after a social media post of the artist and the woman who accompanied him, posting a photo of the food on Instagram, Chief Michel Moore of the Los Angeles Police Department said Tuesday in statements to locals reporters who were published online. Allen was “enjoying a simple meal with the woman” and that place was labeled in the publication. He said the attacker entered the location, Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles, in South Los Angeles, and a struggle ensued.

PnB Rock was the stage name of Rakim Allen. Atlantic Records, his record label, described his death as a “senseless loss”. Just over a week before PnB Rock was killed, he talked about being attacked in Los Angeles and recalled a situation in which he was followed. He said that Drake had inspired him to start a career in music and that at 19, while serving a prison sentence for what he described as “stealing, stealing, drilling”, he seized a keyboard.

In the recent YouTube interview, PnB Rock said that while it was common for rappers to be robbed, “I was never robbed. I'm not going to say never, because I don't like to say never. The rapper said he wasn't superstitious, but he intentionally kept a low profile while in Los Angeles. LOS ANGELES The city already had a well-known history for rappers, and in the past month at least two more artists have been killed here.

BATON ROUGE - A local rapper was shot and killed Tuesday night in what investigators believe was a gang-related murder. An explicit and graphic video is currently circulating on the Internet that supposedly shows Rock, whose real name is Rakim Allen, on the ground surrounded by a pool of blood. So pnb rock gf published their location. Just to show the media that he took her on a date.

Social media has rotted all of his brains and may have cost him his life. I hope she succeeds and ends contact with her. A source quoted by TMZ stated that the shooter took all of PnB Rock's jewelry before fleeing the scene. I just did an interview with him a week ago in which he detailed how someone tried to steal it in Los Angeles recently while he was dating his girlfriend and daughter.

Influential hip-hop podcaster Akademiks tweeted: “Wow. Pray for PNB Rock. The Los Angeles police issued a public statement at 4 p.m. Local time, referring to a “shooting investigation” involving a black male victim in W.

They later confirmed a homicide at the scene. After the news of the death of PnB Rock, condolences from the entire music industry arrived on social media. Read some of those tributes below. PNB ROCK ???????? damn it, this is so sad that I'm so disgusted by the murder of PNB Rock.

I'm sick of the tweets about these things and the emojis of praying hands. I'm not sure if the American experiment is working. He also had family and children and wasn't involved in anything gang-related, but they took him out because people want money. When will all this end? PnB Rock was one of the first people I met here.

I remember hiding in a shoot feeling out of place, on the 26th he went to the director and told them to make sure to prioritize me in the same way, he was kind and kind to me, a newcomer and a stranger. Ski came with me and ended up jumping in the video with PNB and his boys. Just like the Catch Me Outside video and all that, Rip ???? A Variety and the iHeartRadio Podcast. .