How Much Can You Earn as a Hot Shot Driver?

Road transport is a great way to get started in the trucking industry, and hot shot drivers are in high demand. Hot shot loads are usually smaller than other types of freight, and they use medium duty trucks with flatbed trailers instead of heavy-duty vehicles with semi-trailers. There is no set amount that hot shot drivers make, but if you provide reliable service, it can be a great opportunity for both your career and business. Before you decide to become a hot shot driver, you should consider all the factors that go into determining your rate.

Popular truckers in high demand locations can charge more for their services. The type of trailer you use also affects your rate; bumper drive trailers are shorter and lighter than other types of trailers and usually only carry less loads. Additionally, you should factor in your personal expenses while on the road. Hot shot loads typically include machines such as agricultural equipment or construction machinery, along with vehicles and construction materials.

If you're new to trucking or still exploring different types of transportation jobs, working with existing trucking companies as a hot shot driver may be the best option. Although there is no guarantee of how much you'll earn as a hot shot driver, if you're dedicated to providing reliable service, it can be a great professional and business opportunity.