How to Price a Hot Shot Load

When it comes to pricing a hot shot load, the cost per mile is determined by calculating the average price of fuel per gallon and dividing it by the average fuel mileage. On average, drivers charge around $1.50 per mile for regular loads, while urgently needed charges are set at $2 per mile. The type of transport your cargo requires will determine the type of truck used. For expedited delivery, straight trucks or vans are usually used, while fast-loading trucks may require anything from medium to heavy trucks, or even super-rugged trucks to tow trailers with urgent information.

The most popular drivers often use heavy-duty trucks with trailers instead of heavy-duty class 8 semis. Sprinter vans, straight vans, 4x4 gooseneck trucks and other smaller vehicles are also used to carry lighter loads. Dump trailers are designed for hot loads of material that must be thrown away, such as dirt, gravel, or sand. FreightRun can help you find the best truckers and the most popular trucking companies with the best drivers.

To get an approximate cost for part-load shipment of the truck, reduce the current rate by 67 to 75%. Steel or aluminum trailers are usually used for hot shot loads, as they feature walls and a roof to keep your cargo safe.