Become a Hot Shot Truck Driver: All You Need to Know

Are you interested in becoming a hot shot truck driver? If so, you've come to the right place. Hot shot trucking is a great way to get into the trucking industry and start making money. But before you jump in, it's important to understand what it takes to become a successful hot shot driver. In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about hot shot trucking, from the type of truck you need to the licenses and financial requirements. First of all, hot shot drivers typically operate super-rugged trucks with trailers instead of heavy-duty class 8 semis.

To transport loads, you'll need a pickup truck and some type of flatbed trailer. While trucking does not require a commercial driver's license for loads under 10,000 pounds, all drivers must obtain a motor carrier authority number and be approved to drive by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Most of the ads on the DAT loading panels are posted by truck brokers who work on behalf of shippers. The system also provides you with information such as brokers' credit scores and average payment time, which can be useful in making sure you're working with the right partners. Hot shot drivers specialize in urgent cargo, usually for situations where not delivering items within a certain period of time could cause company downtime or even reduce productivity. In addition, the rules and requirements for operating a highly successful company and a semi-company largely overlap, so entering the world of hot shooting is the perfect preparation for taking the leap into transporting larger loads (if that's the career path you're interested in).

With a focus on professional truck drivers, the Trucker News staff works to provide relevant, objective and engaging content related to the trucking segment of the transportation industry. Instead, the most strategic thing is to increase your driving experience in a hot truck while your CDL matures. This way, if you decide to make the jump to a semi-truck, it will be much easier for you to qualify for insurance. While many hot shot drivers work locally or regionally, some are willing to cross state lines or even deliver cargo across the country. Ultimately, there's no secret sauce for hot trucks; you just have to spend time and accumulate experience. DAT load panels are one of the most comprehensive charging networks in existence and make it easy to find hot cargo.

If you're considering trucking, make sure you know all the facts, from the type of truck you want to use to trailer specifications, licenses, and the company's financial needs. However, since it's much easier to enter the world of trucks, you'll face quite fierce and consistent competition. Fortunately, FR8star streamlines the process of finding drivers of all types, including those who specialize in high-speed trucks.